OEMTOOLS 68931 Battery Service Kit

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SKU: 1205655

  • Battery Filler: Holds Up to 2 Liters of Distilled Water
  • Battery Filler: Fills Battery to Proper Level without Spilling
  • Professional Series Battery Tester: Large 16-1/4" Professional Disc-Type Tester
  • Professional Series Battery Tester: Accurate at All Temperatures
  • Battery Load Tester: Conveniently Tests Batteries in Just 10 Seconds
  • Battery Load Tester: Designed to Work on Both 6V and 12V Batteries Up to 1,000CCA
  • Battery Load Tester: Determines State of Charge, Cranking, and Charging Volts

Part # 68931

The OEMTOOLS Battery Service Kit comes with everything you need to test and refill automotive batteries with ease. Included in this kit is a Battery Filler, Professional Series Battery Tester, and Battery Load Tester.
Name OEMTOOLS 68931 Battery Service Kit
Part # 68931
SKU 1205655
Weight 3.39 lb
Warranty OEMTOOLS Limited Lifetime