Mibro® 448511 3/4" x 20' Kinetic Recovery Tow Rope-Small SUVs & Jeeps

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  • 20' Length Kinetic Recovery Tow Rope
  • 45% Stronger & lighter than wire rope
  • Rope does not curl, kink or pinch itself
  • Safer than wire rope if the line breaks due to overloading
  • 6" eyes have protective sleeve to reduce wear and tear
  • 2-3x stronger than nylon straps with eyes
  • 16,000 Lbs Breaking Strength
  • Length: 20 ft.

Part # MIB448511

Ditchpig Kinetic Recovery Rope is made of 100% diamond braid nylon rope. Nylon can stretch up to 30% of its length under load which is the key. When Ditchpig recovery rope is firmly and securely attached to a stuck vehicle it acts like a large elastic band. As the recovery vehicle accelerates and takes up the slack in the kinetic recovery rope it stretches allowing the recovery vehicle to have much greater momentum and pulling power while minimizing the shock to both the recovery and stuck vehicle. As the stuck vehicle begins to move the elasticity in the rope causes the tow rope to contract giving that added pull to free the stuck vehicle. More pulling power and less stress on both the pulling and stuck vehicle make it the ideal solution for freeing a stuck vehicle.
Name Mibro® 448511 3/4" x 20' Kinetic Recovery Tow Rope-Small SUVs & Jeeps
Part # MIB448511
SKU 000751610
Brand The Mibro Group
Weight 3.88 lb
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